Regional winners annouced
24th September 2018

Previous winners

Since the awards were established in 2004 we have had over 1000 regional winners and over 100 national winners. Take a look back at our previous winners.

DNA Worldwide Group, winners of the Small Business of the Year Award 2017

Members of Somerset Chamber of Commerce

Company overview:

DNA Worldwide Group incorporating DNA Legal and Living DNA is a Frome based business providing DNA, Drug and Alcohol testing to clients across the UK and overseas. Their purpose is to use DNA to combat the idea of racism through Living DNA, and support families with DNA Legal.

In September 2016 the company launched a consumer-facing product called Living DNA which is now Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer genomics service. From a simple mouth swab, Living DNA uses the world’s most sophisticated technology to read a person’s genetic code to discover their family’s ancestry, stretching back thousands of years.

Living DNA has worked with over 100 world-leading genetics experts to develop its unique ancestry test. Among them are the authors of The People of the British Isles Study 2015 – the first fine-scale genetic map of Britain.  DNA Legal also provides DNA, Drug and Alcohol testing to all family courts in the UK.

What the judges said:

This company has ambitious plans for growth with a strategy to increase staffing levels from 45 to 150 within the next 3 years. The fact that the business has the ambition and belief that it can increase its staffing this much, suggests they have met what must have been a key challenge in their location – securing access to sufficiently talented employees.

Whether it’s the ‘strong purpose’ or the technology leading in this business, it is a very powerful combination.

It has had some strong profits performance in the last few years and the projections suggest that growth is accelerating through the development of consumer facing products. This testifies to the commitment to changing common perception of what race is.

Judges also liked the element in the business around education for the wider good. Whilst being a sound business investment, they are also educating significant groups of users about DNA testing and how it can be used for better outcomes for vulnerable individuals.

Judges said that DNA worldwide is a true trailblazer, doing what great companies do – using innovation and customer insight to deliver real value and impact. DNA Worldwide might just change the world a bit with their passion and their products.