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24th September 2018

Previous winners

Since the awards were established in 2004 we have had over 1000 regional winners and over 100 national winners. Take a look back at our previous winners.

West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce won the Most Effective Campaigning 2016 award sponsored by BT

Chamber overview:
West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is made up of Bradford Chamber, Leeds Chamber and West & North Yorkshire Chamber.

Through networking events, training, lobbying local and national government, business intelligence and being a beacon for business locally, the Chamber are well placed to be the one stop shop for all your business needs.

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What the judges said:
In 2013, HS2 announced plans for a new rail infrastructure that would connect London with the West and East Midlands, Manchester and Leeds.  These plans included the building of a new train station in Leeds located approximately a quarter of a mile away and across the river from the existing mainline station.

West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and their members believed that this proposal failed to maximise the economic benefit to the region.  In order to overcome this the Chamber put together a campaign to lobby HS2 to create a single station in Leeds.

The Chamber assembled a panel made up of members from across the region who composed a set of principles that formed the basis of the campaign.  The resulting report called for the existing station and HS2 services to share a common concourse, the new station to be part of a fully integrated transport hub and have sufficient capacity and be future proofed to allow for significant increases in future rail growth.

Following an extensive press campaign and the dissemination of the report to key politicians and civil servants HS2 recommended the creation of a single station bringing high speed and classic rail services together with a shared concourse in Leeds.

Why did the Chamber enter the Chamber Business Awards?
The business voice on this issue was crucial in making the case for strategic investment in infrastructure which will be around for the next 200 years.  We felt that winning this award would acknowledge all of the enthusiasm and hard work put in by Chamber members to ensure the right solution was made to impact future generations.  This award has shown that businesses can influence decision making of national significance, and as a consequence more companies want to get involved in Chamber policy activities.

Why should Chambers enter?
I would encourage Chambers to enter this category and demonstrate the impact they make in supporting and representing their region’s business community.  The network can only become stronger if more know about the successes we create around the country.  Chamber members across the country give up time to support our policy activities and we see it as a mark of respect that we seek to honour them through entering this award.