Winning Tips

As well as providing a boost for an individual or team, awards are a great way to give credibility to your business and generate publicity. Follow our winning tips to help you write a winning award entry.

How to translate your international trading success into a ‘win’ at the Chamber Business Awards

Entering and coming out a winner at the Chamber Business Awards is no mean feat. They are amongst the most prestigious awards for businesses, making expectations high and the competition tough – especially in the ‘Export Business of the Year’ category.

You only get one chance to make a great impression and you have to ensure it hits the mark.

That’s where a perfect award entry comes in. To make sure it stands out and gives your export business the top of mind recall it deserves with the judges, here are a few essentials on how to write a striking entry statement:

Define a clear path: highlight your objectives and plans for future development. A concrete approach towards expanding into bigger and newer international markets, innovative research programmes, extensive staff training, are to name but a few.

As a UK business trading overseas, you must show definite commitment and depict yourself as ‘still on the verge’ of making even bigger discoveries in order to leave a greater impact on the judges.

Highlight your achievements: Tell the judges what makes you more worthy of the ‘Exporter of the Year’ award than the competition. Bold business decisions, beaten challenges and major breakthroughs – these all need to be reflected in your statement to set you apart.Examples for these include:

  • Supporting the UK economy by taking trade further and expanding into an unfamiliar international market
  • Introducing an innovative product or overseas trade practice that gave you an edge over others
  • Reporting a high rate of growth in a highly competitive overseas market within a short period of time
  • Demonstrating how you survived in a volatile economic environment and came out a winner and achiever.

However, it goes without saying that all big claims must be supported with statistical evidence.

Sell Not Oversell: Where promoting your exporting business’ achievements is a plus, overdoing it could leave you at a disadvantage. So, make sure to strike that all-important balance.

Talk about your business from the heart. Make it an honest and genuine statement that reflects your passion, commitment and ambition. Avoid lifting copy from your press releases and trade brochures – PR jargon is not what’s required here. You need a compelling choice of words that will pull your readers in. So use an active, enthusiastic and sincere tone of voice and steer clear of a dull and passive style of writing.

Pay Attention to Detail: More often than not, in their excitement or hurry to answer a question, companies forget to read what it’s actually asking. That’s a big put off for judges.

Always make it a point to stick to the ‘point’! Read the question very carefully, keep to the topic and do not digress or go off on tangents. Keep your answer concise, focused and simple.

Write more than one draft. Edit your entry statement until it’s ‘just right’. Which means, you should leave yourself enough time and not wait until the last few days to start writing it.

And last but most certainly not the least, proofread. There is nothing worse than having your chances ruined by an unwanted comma or unfortunate typo. Address all grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes and try avoiding colloquial/slang language.

We hope you find these tips helpful in composing your entry statement for the ‘Exporter of the Year’ award. Good luck.